Made Here – NZ Made Wrapping Paper 

You probably didn’t know we print a lot of our wrapping papers here in New Zealand and not just the Kiwiana designs. As a local NZ company we produce products here whenever we can & are lucky to be able to print wrapping paper designs and also source some boxes that are made here in NZ. By purchasing these products you can support NZ made manufacturing as well as knowing you are supporting ethical manufacturing.

To let you know what products are made here in NZ we are introducing our Made Here trust icon so you know you’re buying local. All wrapping paper featuring this icon is printed in New Zealand on paper from suitable forests. Boxes featuring this icon are made in NZ with NZ board from paper from suitable forests. So support NZ business by buying local with these products! 

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Ethical Manufacturing

Focus has on how products are made has become a hot topic! Now customers are interested in how environmentally friendly the manufacturing process is and also that the workers are treated fairly and adequately paid by factories. We believe as a company that we have a social responsibility to source ethical as well as environmentally friendly stock. The majority of our products are made in Europe and specifically made in European factories. This means that factories  follow EU standards regarding employment, ethic, environment and comply with strict employment law and manufacturing processes. Most of our suppliers also manufacture for very high end and luxury brands which means they also comply with the ethical standards of these brands. We are able to confidently reassure customers that these products along with our NZ made manufacturing are ethically made.

As we’ve mentioned prviously in our blog enviromentally friendly products are hugely important to us! We provide trust icons on our products so you can make an informed choice on the products you buy.

Read about our eco friendly trust icons here!

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