woven edge velvet ribbons

Introducing Our New Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons

You asked, and we listened! After many requests from our customers, we’re excited to introduce our newest collection: Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons. We’ve been wanting to add these highly sought after ribbons to our already very large range for a long time so we are thrilled to be announcing this release! These luxurious ribbons have been at the top of your wish lists, and now they’re finally here, the perfect Christmas and everyday luxurious ribbon choice.

Available in three on-trend colours—Scarlet Red, Moss Green, and Black—our Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons are set to become your go-to choice for adding a touch of elegance to any project or occasion. Made from high-quality viscose, these ribbons offer unparalleled softness and a rich, plush texture that truly embodies luxury.

On-Trend Velvet Ribbons

Velvet has made a major comeback in fashion and home decor, gracing everything from runway looks to table settings. Its luscious texture and aesthetic makes it a favourite among trendsetters. Our Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons fit into this feminine trend perfectly, allowing you to incorporate this must-have ribbon into any creative endeavour.

The woven edges add another layer of sophistication, preventing fraying and providing a clean, polished finish. This feature not only enhances durability but also contributes to the ribbon’s high-end look, making it suitable for even the most elegant events or projects.

woven edge velvet ribbons

Velvet Ribbon Hair Bows: An On-Trend Accessory

One of the most stylish trends we’ve seen this year is the resurgence of ribbon hair bows, and our Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons are more than ideal for this fashion statement. Whether you’re aiming for a classic ponytail bow or a more elaborate hairdo, these ribbons add instant glamour. The Scarlet Red Velvet Ribbon creates a bold, romantic look, while Moss Green Velvet Ribbon offers a laid back vibe. Black Velvet Ribbon, ever versatile, pairs beautifully with every hair colour or outfit to complete any feminine look. Plus, the variety widths of 15mm and 25mm allow you to create bows that range from subtle to show-stopping.

velvet ribbon hair bow

Luxe Gift Wrapping and Elegant Crafts

In a world where unboxing videos go viral, presentation matters more than ever. Our Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons transform ordinary gifts into luxury ones. Make a statement with a simple box finished with a lush Moss Green Velvet Ribbon bow or a gift bag tied with a Scarlet Red Woven Edge Velvet Ribbon.

But the elegance doesn’t stop at gift-giving. Crafters have been eagerly awaiting these ribbons to elevate their projects. Use them to embellish handmade greeting cards, create bookmarks, or add a lavish touch to scrapbook pages. Our Woven Edge Velvet Black is particularly striking on light-coloured materials, making your crafts stand out with its deep, rich hue.

floral gift with woven edge velvet ribbon

Christmas Tree Ribbon Bows: The Comeback Trend

Even though the festive season seems far away, it’s never too early to start researching Christmas themes and trends. We’re already excited about a returning Christmas tree decoration trend: ribbon bows. Rather than disappearing into the branches, these bows are meant to be focal points. Our Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons are perfect for executing this on-trend Christmas tree look.

Picture a traditional Christmas tree dressed with large, lush bows in Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons. For a classic look opt for Scarlet Red – it’s the epitome of Christmas luxury! For a more muted look adorn your tree in our Woven Edge Velvet Ribbon Moss Green. This ribbon makes bows which will create a wintery Christmas forest right in your own living room. Black bows offer a modern take on festive decor. Adorn your tree in ribbon bows made from Woven Edge Velvet Ribbon Black to create a luxurious feel to your home décor.

Christmas tree ribbons

A Touch of Velvet for Luxurious Table Settings

Who doesn’t love gathering with friends and family for any special occasion throughout the year? Here at Ribbon & Blues, we love to see how people put extra effort into their table settings for these occasions. If you’re a Pinterest lover like us then you’ve probably been eager to bring your table decor inspiration boards to life for your next special event. These ribbons are perfect for doing this! They offer a simple yet stunning way to enhance your dining experiences. Tie a length of Woven Edge Velvet Ribbon Black around your napkins to upgrade to your place settings.

Use Scarlet Red or Moss Green Woven Edge Velvet Ribbon to decorate wine or champagne glasses. A small and simple ribbon bow around the stem will create a charming look to your drinks, adding style and function to your table.

table setting ribbon trend

Endless Versatility, Timeless Appeal

What makes our new Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons a standout product is their incredible versatility. From personal accessories to home decor, from gift-giving to table settings, there’s hardly an area where they can’t add a touch of luxury.

The colour selection further amplifies this versatility. Scarlet Red Velvet offers a romantic feel and classic Christmas festiveness. Moss Green Velvet brings a rich, natural elegance that works year-round. Black Velvet, with its timeless sophistication, is always in style. No matter your project or the season, there’s a Woven Edge Velvet Ribbon to suit your needs.

As one of our most highly requested products, these ribbons aren’t just meeting expectations – they’re exceeding them! High-quality materials, thoughtful design, on-trend colours, and endless applications make our Woven Edge Velvet Ribbons the perfect tool for adding luxury, elegance, and personal style to any gift, event, craft, or accessory.

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